5 Steps for Selecting the Right Email Marketing Platform for Media & Publishing

In a world where millions of publishers are vying for readers’ attention, the ones that consistently stand out in inboxes communicate with – rather than at – their readers. To do this, publishers need a robust email marketing platform that has the ability to collect zero-party data and leverage that data to personalise the content, generate loyalty, increase subscribers, boost engagement and go viral.

You know that if it’s not relevant, it won’t resonate.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer, or you’ve been through the procurement process a time or two, it’s your job to find the right email marketing technology that meets the needs of your media or publishing company.

This guide will help you:

- Define the functional, operational and technical requirements needed to deliver an engaging and revenue-generating email marketing strategy

- Learn ways to get all the stakeholders on the same page

- Select a relationship marketing vendor that understands the ins and outs of media and publishing 

- Educate yourself on the best practices and use cases for leveraging email marketing technology