How AXA Direct Assurance Used Weather Updates to Create Stronger Customer Relationships

AXA Direct Assurance is one of France’s leading online insurance providers. Their mission is to make insurance simpler and more personalized for every customer. Recognizing the need to build trust and loyalty, Direct Assurance tapped Selligent’s expertise to build an automated email and SMS series during extreme weather events like floods, snow storms and hurricanes. 

AXA Direct Assurance built a three-part automated email and SMS campaign to deliver safety and claims tips before, during and after a storm for customers who lived in a region where inclement weather is approaching.  

The results were immediate and impactful. Their first weather campaign was deployed to 250,000 customers and had a 31% open rate. 

Read this case study to learn more about how AXA Direct Assurance:

  • Delivered customized and targeted messaging to select segment of their customers
  • Created an automated notification series across email and SMS for victims of weather events
  • Increased consumer satisfaction and trust among policyholders