The Importance of Personalisation for Customer Retention

Leverage your martech stack to enhance customer loyalty

Do you want to understand the best ways to engage your customers through the use of highly effective personalisation?

Watch this discussion between three experts to find out why it is so important to understand your customers well through great data capture and how crucial personalisation has become for customer engagement and loyalty. Examples and case studies showcase how marketers can leverage messaging technology for customer retention.

The discussion covers: 

  • How customer-expectations of data usage have moved forward and why personalisation is so important.
  • The dangers of getting it wrong (and how to prevent them)!
  • What data should brands be collecting and when?
  • How collecting data in the right way can drive customer engagement itself.
  • Showcasing best practice data usage for personalisation.
  • How personalisation leads to community within a loyalty strategy, and the massive benefits this can deliver.