Relationship Marketing Guide: Create Customer Relationships that Last

With the recent drive towards consumer privacy over the last decade, things are changing for marketers. As the world evolves, so does the need for improved marketing strategies.

The only way forward for marketers is to start by building a relationship with consumers – it’s the foundation of a marketing strategy known as Relationship Marketing. Based on the four pillars of acquisition, engagement, personalization and retention, Relationship Marketing is the key to building long-lasting connections and driving revenue.

In this eBook, we’ll introduce you to Relationship Marketing, the concept that will transform not only your strategy, but how your brand interacts with customers and consumers at a foundational level. You’ll also read success stories from brands including T-Mobile, Burger King, Corwin, Domino’s, ASDA, Kinepolis, Hema and more.

This guide will help you to:

- Create better acquisition strategies

- Increase your engagement levels across channels

- Use intelligent stategies for personalization and right-time marketing

- Encourage customers to stay around with retention methods