The 7 Essential Components for Cultivating Customer Loyalty

In collaboration with Let's Talk Loyalty

Creating customer loyalty is both an art and a science, and the best brands understand the importance of investing in expert advice and cutting-edge technology.

Listen to loyalty experts from Let’s Talk Loyalty and Marigold discussing the 7 foundational principles of any successful loyalty programme.

Drawing inspiration from global brands, they’ll demonstrate how these principles can be woven together to shape compelling value propositions that truly harness a brand's unique capabilities.

This webinar will cover:

πŸš€ Loyalty Backdrop: Understand the landscape and its impact on businesses worldwide.

πŸš€ The Strategic Fundamentals of Loyalty: Learn how to drive behavioural change and capture your best customers.

πŸš€ Value Proposition: Craft a clear and compelling offer that keeps your customers coming back.

πŸš€ Moments That Matter: Identify and capitalise on the key touchpoints that define your customer's journey.

πŸš€ Holistic Customer View: Discover how to unify data for a comprehensive understanding of your customers.

πŸš€ Personalisation: Leverage the power of personalisation to create meaningful connections and drive loyalty.